Rideshare site between Teton Valley Idaho and Teton Valley Wyoming.


We have all seen the phenominal growth in traffic between Driggs/Victor/Tetonia and Jackson and would all probably consider sharing rides if it was practical and convenient and safe.


Twoton or More hopes to create that bridge by registering members who are willing to

1. Give rides to other Twoton or More members

2. Be passengers with other Twoton or More members.


This is a work in progress.

Eventually, we hope to have an app that will allow users to be identified as Twoton or More members and identify location, whether a ride is desired, to where etc. in real time. Each person would have a state that would broadcast from their smart phone app indicating whether they are seeking a ride. People who are driving would be able to receive that signal and then offer a ride.


Imagine being at 6000South and setting your 2ton or More app 'state' to seeking ride and then your phone would let drivers going by who had the 'state' set to driving know that you were there. They could stop and give you a lift. In this way, you don't have to have a specific planned schedule made and you could go anywhere. Someone could give you a lift to the top of the pass - or to Moose Wilson Road where you could be dropped off and picked up by someone else going to the village. Or, if you were in downtown jackson you could get a lift from East broadway to Smiths etc.


Because so many of us are constantly on the move, we believe there will be significant overlap and the probability of getting rides quickly will be nearly guaranteed.


We are so grateful there are alternatives for people like the Start Bus. However, it's schedule can be very limiting for people that wish to participate. And Uber isn't really here and it is expensive.


It is our hope that riders will reimburse drivers for fuel (will work on a chart but figure roughly 25ยข/mile). Perhaps a joint effort with Cash or Venmo could be arranged for sponsorship


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